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 KLP Racing was proud to build a swingarm for the Dallas Nyblod Racing Team. Broc Glover raced this bike and enjoyed a little vintage racing himself. 

Broc Glover Boise Idaho VMX 2019

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

LOP swing arms




I am writing this post a bit from memory. In the late 70s a Motocross racing team was developed, the name was LOP racing.  It's developer and owner was a man named Lorance Offner, then add the products and you have LOP. LOP was know for their radical shape swing arms. I recently made what I call a KLP signature version of the LOP swing arm made for the 1978-80 CR 250. To use this arm you need to put a set of 385mm shocks on. This swing arm moves the rear end of your CR more to a rising rate rear suspension.  

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Sunday, November 8, 2020

New CRF by KLP Maico Replica swingarms

 In the late 70s a small swing arm company named CRF (crotch rocket factory) made custom swing arms for Maico. Riders like Darrel Schultz and Danny Chandler were among those using this product. I have reproduced a copy of two versions of this arm. One version seen here is mid mount and the other provides a cantiliver with mount further back to use a 17.5 air shock.




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 David Thorpe 1989 500 World Champion 

rides with a KLP HRC replica coke bottle swing arm 


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Jeff Stanton at speed using KLP signature swingarm
2011 Vet MxDesNations