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I built this Ake Jonnson replica because it's one of the "koolest" bikes ever.        GPIIAke.JPG                                                                                                                                     

The real bike was somewhere in Sweden. Check out the alloy swingarm! I can make you one just like that!        71gpbike.JPG

 This is my first alloy tank I made for my 1980 YZ that was seen in the Aug 1980 Motocross Action Magmxatankpic.jpg

This is my 1980 YZ 250  45mm Fox Forks, White Bros Rear shock, I lengthened my swingarm 25mm and Made the first ever air scoop tank to cool my shock.1980pitshotII.jpg

I bought this 490 Maico new in 1981 and raced AMA Nationals on the same bike. 20 yrs later I built the tank and seat combo and designed and built the aluminum swingarm    KarlLandrusdesign490.jpg

This is my 1957 250 Maico Scrambler with KLP touch

Karl1975.jpgI built this bike in 1974, note my hand built multi coned high pipe. This was a year before DG made yellow CRs klpyc125.jpg