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Washugal 2009 Reunion Ride
In 1981 I raced the same bike at the 500 Nationals

Here are my videos on youtube (CLICK HERE!)for a closer look and My products


Allow me to introduce myself!  I am Karl Landrus.  My speciality is fabricating custom built aluminum swingarms and fuel tanks for motocross racing.  As a former employee of Novation Racing, I have personally built over 2000 custom swingarms.  My craftsmanship is well grounded in experience, with over 35 years spent in custom metal fabrication.  Let me help you trick-out your motorcycle!  For questions, or to place an order, call 509-315-8425.

My Hobbies

My favorite Motocycle is Maico. I purchased my first AW 250 in 1977. In 1981 I bought a new 490 that I raced as a Professional Motocross Racer. I still have that Maico 490 to this very day. I Love racing Vintage Motocross on all my old Maicos.

Favorite Links

I admit it I have a Vintage Addiction!(CLICK HERE)

Motocross Action Berm Shot
I jumped the MAGOO double! He Did Not!

want to get in touch? You can email me at klpracing@hotmail.com or call me for a quote. 509-315-8425

Jeff Stanton at speed using KLP signature swingarm
2011 Vet MxDesNations